Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New YearDid you celebrate New Year’s Eve? We did and we all brought colds along with us. Since Christmas, it seems everyone we know had had terrible head colds, but the good news is we are all on the upswing and ready for 2017!

We had a great year in 2016, here are some of our happy highlights that we love looking back on:

  • Last winter, Kora & Logan took swimming lessons
  • Kora was in a talent show with her cousin and they did a really cute performance with adorable peacock costumes (that my very talented sister sewed), blacklights, music from The Muppet Show and Stayin’ Alive
  • We toured Morley’s/Sanders Chocolate Factory and got to enjoy delicious samples afterwards
  • Logan went to a Detroit Tigers vs. Cleveland Indians game with Dave, his uncle, and cousins
  • Kora & Logan played spring soccer
  • Logan played spring flag football and Dave coached
  • Kora was in a play where she was an adorable Emmet from The Lego Movie and even sang a few lines solo
  • Logan went to Lansing for an end of the year field trip to visit and learn about the state capital
  • Kora and Logan took a couple of coding classes and learned a lot
  • Dave organized a Father’s Day Campout which was a lot of work, but turned out to be very fun for all the kids and dads
  • Dave went to Nevis – an island near St. Kitts, he had an incredible time and came back with amazing photos and videos – while there he learned a lot about Alexander Hamilton (who was born there)
  • Kora & Logan did a swimming camp in the summer
  • We all went to a sandcastle festival where we watched many talented artist create incredible sand sculptures
  • Kora took volleyball lessons with her cousin in the summer
  • My parents moved nearby over the summer and it’s been so wonderful having them close and getting to see them whenever we want, not sure who’s happier – me or the kids!
  • We took an unforgettable vacation to Seabrook Island, South Carolina over the summer which was like an extended family reunion where we got to hang out with relatives from Michigan, Texas, and Florida for a week on the beach
  • We went to Cedar Point where Kora and her cousin road Top Thrill Dragster and Slingshot!
  • Kora joined the Knitting Club at school and started and finished a scarf by December!
  • Kora joined the Leadership Club at school and also joined a Green subcommittee where she was part of a presentation to the principal to get recycling bins for the school, she was also selected to join a separate leadership club that raises awareness about school bullying
  • Kora joined an Animal Advocates group at school where she gets to take care of ferrets, chinchillas, and even held a chicken!
  • Kora and Logan played fall soccer
  • Kora and Logan’s Grandma from Cleveland came up to visit and stayed with us a number of times, we had a great time with her and hope she gets to come up to visit even more in 2017
  • My parents hosted a hilarious spaghetti dinner where all the menu items were emojis and we sometimes ended up with our spaghetti right on the table and could only eat it with a breadstick!
  • Logan was AntMan for Halloween and Kora was a tie dye girl
  • Dave won a chili cookoff – his chili was amazing!
  • We all went to Frankenmuth with my mom, sister, and her kids, where we wandered around Bronner’s for hours and enjoyed a delicious meal at Zendher’s
  • Dave and I went to Traverse City with my sister and her husband, I haven’t been there since I was a kid
  • Logan is playing winter flag football
  • Kora studied hard for a class spelling bee and won! She advanced to the school spelling bee where she studied every minute she could – we are very proud of her
  • Kora and Logan are both taking trampoline lessons with their cousins – which they love!
  • We went to a festival of trees with my mom and Kora & Logan’s cousins, there were so many beautiful trees, it was very festive and fun
  • Kora turned 11 and Logan will soon turn 10!
  • We had an amazing Christmas with all of our family and now we are enjoy winter break by playing lots of games together

It really was a great year and I look forward to all the fun ahead in 2017. I hope our list of happy highlights next year is even longer and we have many more wonderful memories to write about.

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