Snow Day!

Kora and Logan are so excited! They have a snow day today!

Snow DayYesterday it snowed all day and we ended up with over 10 inches of snow. They said it was going to snow until 2 am and then stop, so I thought the kids would definitely have school.

But then at dinner something funny happened. We sat down to eat and Kora randomly jumped up and said, “Everyone look at me!” We looked at her and she did a funny little jig, dancing around and laughing. We all smiled but were confused.

Then she said, “That was my snow day dance!”

As soon as she sat down, Dave got a text – school was cancelled!

Snow Day FunIt was hilarious! Kora and Logan couldn’t stop laughing at the timing of it all. Dave and I were shocked too because school almost never gets cancelled the day before, we never find out until the morning of. We were also surprised because the news said the snow would stop at 2 am and we thought for sure that would be enough time for the roads to get plowed and school would be on.

Instead the kids got to sleep in (well Logan anyway – Kora never sleeps in!) and now they are outside building snowmen and igloos. They are looking forward to coming in and warming up with hot chocolate and maybe a Christmas movie or two.

It’s going to be a fun snow day and as Kora said this morning, “Now it really feels like Christmas!”

Snow Day Fun Outside

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  1. Maralea says

    Nothing more fun than snow days!

  2. Susan Smith says

    I like it when school gets canceled too, then I don’t have to drive in the snow. One school morning I opened up my daughters door all excited saying “It’s 7:30 you overslept you are going to be late for school”. She quickly got up and started groggy getting dressed while heading to the bathroom when I started laughing that it was a snow day” She said Ha Ha Mom and went back to bed.

  3. Jennifer Marie says

    Wow I bet they were super excited! It does seem like Christmas now.

  4. courtney hennagir says

    I always love seeing pics of your kiddos,their smiles are contagious! Send some of that snow my way please!

  5. shelly peterson says

    Wow you guys got a lot of snow. Sounds like a great snow day was had.

  6. Elizabeth pergande says

    I love snow days – so much fun to stay in or go out and play

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