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In my quest for the ultimate Spring Shape-Up, I am happy to announce that I was selected to be part of BodyMedia’s Blogger Test Drive. The Test Drive is a challenge to a number of selected bloggers who, for 30 days, will wear the BodyMedia Fit Armband BW and record our experience with the wearable body monitoring system. To encourage our competitive spirits, the Test Drive also includes a “race” to see who can walk the most steps in the 30 day time period with the winner receiving a fun one-night getaway!

If you’ve watched The Biggest Loser, you’ve seen the contestants wearing an armband called the bodybugg. BodyMedia Fit is basically an updated version of the bodybugg and both are made by the same company – BodyMedia. BodyMedia Fit is a weight management system that keeps track of activity, calories burned, and sleep patterns. It includes the BodyMedia Fit Armband BW (which is bluetooth enabled), iPhone and Android Apps, and an online Activity Manager.BodyMedia Fit Review

I started wearing my BodyMedia Fit Armband BW on Friday to get used to it before yesterday’s official start of the Test Drive. When I first put on the Armband (which you wear on your upper left arm over your tricep), Kora and Logan were intrigued and kept asking what it was. I told them it was to helping me be more healthy. The Armband is comfortable to wear and, in fact, one I put it on I forget that it’s there and it wasn’t visible under even a long-sleeve t-shirt. It starts working in 10 minutes or less and it tracks all of my activity and calories burned throughout the day. How neat is that?!

One of my favorite aspects of the BodyMedia Fit Armband BW is that it is bluetooth enabled. That means after a simple set-up, I downloaded the BodyMedia Fit app and now I can access my calories burned, amount of activity, the number the steps I’ve taken, and how much sleep I got the night before. I can also make entries into my food log, so I know just how many calories I’ve consumed for the day.

BodyMedia Fit Armband BW ReviewAll of this is also available at the online Activity Manager, but in my opinion the Bluetooth capability and the app is a must-have. I know that if I had to go online to log my food every meal or even once a day, I wouldn’t be as accurate or as responsible about it. Being able to pull out my phone at any time of the day when there is some downtime to fill out my food log really helps me stay on track. I also like that it only takes a minute or less to enter what I’ve eaten thanks to the food log’s simple search bar & the thousands of items listed.

I also admit that in only a couple of days, I’ve become addicted to checking the BodyMedia Fit app throughout the day on my phone to see how many steps I’ve walked, how many calories I’ve burned, and where my activity level is at. Having it right there in the palm of my hand or in my purse, makes it simple to see where I’m at for the day and what I need to focus on. I’ve found it incredibly motivating.

Since wearing the BodyMedia Fit Armband BW, I’ve noticed that I’ve already started focusing more on what I’m eating and my activity level. Knowing that I will record what I’ve eaten makes me question whether I really want to eat that second chocolate marshmallow Easter egg. And instead of starting a pile of things that need to go upstairs until I have enough to justify a trip, I’ve found myself bringing only one or two things up at a time just to get in more steps! Not only am I getting healthier, but my house is getting cleaner too!

The BodyMedia Fit Blogger Test Drive goes through mid-May so to keep myself accountable and to let you know how I’m doing, I’ll be posting updates once a week. Wish me luck and thanks for coming along on my journey to get healthy!

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  1. Dealectable Mom says

    I SO need this! I’ve gained a few pounds in the last few months and I need to pick up my steps by oh… a lot! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lisa from Life with Lisa says

    Wow, can’t wait to see if it continues to help. I love technology and how it can help us live healthier lives.

  3. eve says

    That looks awesome!! Sounds like something that would help my husband a lot!

  4. Kelli Junkins says

    Feel free to come to my house and clean to get a few extra steps in Tesa! 🙂 Good luck!

  5. Jenna @ For The Love of Baby says

    I need to check this out! I have been working on getting fit and this would definitely help me stay accountable!

  6. Ronalee Duncan says

    Oh, that sounds great, and I am jealous. Good luck to you !

  7. Candace says

    That is so neat I would love to try that, when the weather stays warmer I want to go walking outside!

  8. Shelly says

    I am sooo jealous of this one! I have wanted one of these since the BL began. It’s like a little friend being with you all day to help you be accountable. Good luck winning the get away.

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